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Together again : a reconciled couple.

The system to fight snoring, devised by Christian Michaud from Saintes (France), made a couple from Rochefort very happy. Robert sleeps much better, and Jacqueline at last enjoys quiet nights. That was the end of a real nightmare.
SUD-OUEST newspaper 08.20.1997

Robert and Jacqueline Rousseau had slept in separate rooms for 20 years. Was love on the run ?By no means ! The only reason was that Robert snored.

"He could sleep, but for me it was hell ! I could not sleep a wink. Last year, during our holidays, he disturbed my nights so much that I even contemplated the idea he could sleep in the garage. I would have left him if he had done nothing" Jacqueline explains.

Robert had tried everything : all sorts of syrups, nasal plasters. He even considered being operated on. Snoring is a very serious point. Apart from the fact that it disturbs the bed companion's sleep, it also spoils the snoring person's rest. Note that a car accident out of three is caused by drowsiness.

Les Rousseau : un couple réconcilié

Saved by the Capax prototype

As he was reading " Sud-Ouest " one morning in July, Robert found out that Christian Michaud from Saintes had invented a system to prevent snoring. He did not hesitate. He got on his bike and left for Saintes-he lives in the suburbs of Rochefort-. The kilometres he had to cover were nothing compared to what he had borne for twenty years : his wife had slept on the ground-floor and had refused to share their marriage bed.

In Saintes, Christian Michaud left him a prototype. The latter needed volunteers to test his device : it is a supple tube which is sunk into the mouth and which blocks the uvula. It thus prevents snoring and sleep apneas thanks to, at its end, a filter that cleans and humidifies the breathed-in air.

According to Robert "You have to be really motivated to stand the cannula because it is restricting, but no more than dentures or contact lenses. The first nights were painful, but finally you get used to it"

"At the first attempt, my wife did not leave the bedroom. She did not hear me snore during the night. In the morning, for my part, I was totally refreshed, fit and alert."

It was genuine resurrection for the couple who was on the verge of tearing each other apart because of the husband's snoring problem. Life in the couple has utterly changed. Jacqueline does not dread sleeping at her husband's side. In order to celebrate the event, they are to fly to Martinique very soon, just to treat themselves to a second honeymoon.