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Snoring and sleep apnea

What is a usual snore or resonant snoring ?

Snoring results from the pharyngeal vibration of the flabby tissues, of the soft palate, of the basis of the tongue and of the pharyngeal wall.

Snoring is favored by fatigue, by drinking alcohol at night and by the absorption of tranquilizers.

What a sleep apnea ?

A sleep apnea is characterized by the stopping of the aerial flow for duration equal or superior to 10 seconds; the respiratory resumption usually coinciding with a very brief awakening or with the alleviation of sleeping. Frequent respiratory pauses when sleeping constitute The Sleep Apnea Syndrome.

The Sleep Apnea Syndrome is defined by an index of apneas superior to 5 (the number of apneas per sleeping hour) or a rate of hypopnea.

Apnea superior to 10 (the total number of apneas or hypopneas per sleeping hour).

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